Top Benefits Of A Ceramic Car Coating From Premium Detail Pro

Keeping a car looking great on the outside is not just about vanity. A flawless exterior not only adds to the value of the car but also provides protection for all the parts of the car. One way to keep a car looking brand new is to apply a ceramic car coating, which is a liquid that bonds with the car’s paint. According to Premium Detail Pro, the following are some of the top benefits of choosing this method.

Protection From UV Rays

Most cars spend a good bit of time under the sun, and over time, exposure to sun can cause the paint color to fade. When rays of ultraviolet light hit the surface of the car, they release energy that breaks down the molecular bonds within the paint, a process that is also known as oxidation. After enough exposure, the paint becomes also loses its shine. A ceramic car coating, however, creates a barrier between the sun and the paint, greatly reducing the amount of oxidation that occurs.

Protection From Stains

When cars are outdoors, they are often exposed to organic matter like dead leaves, bird droppings, tree sap, and pollen. The acids in these materials can permanently stain a car’s exterior, especially if they remain on the vehicle for any length of time. A ceramic coating, however, provides a protective surface that is resistant to stains, especially if car owners do a minimum of basic maintenance, like washing the car.

Easier Washing

Another benefit of a ceramic coating many car owners appreciate is the fact that coated cars are much easier to keep clean. Ceramic coatings are resistant to dirt, mud, and other contaminants, and they are also water repellent, causing water to bead on the surface. Thus, coated cars don’t get as dirty, and contaminants can be easily rinsed away or wiped off.

While a ceramic coating doesn’t prevent damage from falling rocks or collisions with other cars, they can protect cars from a great deal of minor damage that causes other cars to age and lose their shine. Detailing experts agree that a car with a protective coating will look good for longer and sell at a higher price than a car that isn’t protected.